Be Aware! Use caution before giving personal information

Use Caution Before Giving Personal Information

Recently, some members have received fraudulent texts and phone calls. Fraudsters are able to spoof phone numbers to make it appear that calls and texts are coming from us.

One member told us that he noticed the call was coming from 962-2561 but the area code was wrong. The call was ‘disconnected’ and within seconds, they called from a number that appeared to be coming from our number – 765.962-2561. The person on the other end said the call had dropped unexpectedly. The member noted how interesting it was they were using the ‘right number’ now. Because they were aware of potential scams and used caution, this scammer did not get any personal information.

Another member recently received a text appearing that it was sent by us. The text said their card was locked and included a number for them to call (not our card services number). Again, this member was aware enough to know this was a scam and did not provide any additional information.

We encourage members to always use caution with texts, emails, and calls. Fraudsters are creative and can make communications seem like they are coming from us. Do not give out personal information without ensuring you are talking to a Natco employee or representative. If you contact us, we have procedures in place to verify your identity before we discuss your account(s). This is to protect you and your financial information.