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Are you constantly frustrated because of a poor credit score? Or no credit history at all? Don’t let that keep you from reaching your goals. With a REAL FREEDOM Secured Visa, you can start turning things around. This Visa gives you the convenience of making purchases with a credit card — while improving your credit history at the same time.

Say “Hello” to REAL FREEDOM

With a REAL FREEDOM Secured Visa, you can make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. And simply make payments on time to start building a better credit history. A good credit score allows you to make major purchases or borrow funds at better interest rates. That means more money in your pocket, a better future and REAL Freedom.

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Is the REAL FREEDOM Secured Visa right for you?

  • Build Better Credit

    Improve your credit story by making timely payments. Visa reports your favorable payment history to credit bureaus, giving you the ability to establish a more comprehensive credit rating.

  • No Fees

    Without the extra expense of application fees, annual fees, cash advance fees and other fees, the REAL FREEDOM Secured Visa saves you money from the start.

  • Required Security Deposit

    Secure your credit limit by depositing $500 in funds. Start building your credit so that you can work your way to a better score, lower interest rates and an unsecured credit card plan.

  • Competitive Rate

    At 17.70% APR*, the competitive interest rate for the REAL FREEDOM Secured Visa makes it an attractive option to members who are trying to improve their credit history.

  • Online Convenience

    Stay in control of your credit card account with online options, including a convenient mobile app. Check transactions, pay bills and update personal information quickly and easily.

Get Yours.

Take the first step toward building a better credit history. Apply online for the REAL FREEDOM Secured Visa today. Have questions? Contact us at (765) 962-2561.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  Actual APR is based on member’s FICO score, certain creditworthiness criteria and other factors.

Your REAL FREEDOM card can be used anywhere, anytime, even international purchases. Alert the credit union prior to traveling, to help protect you from fraud.

International transactions incur a 1% foreign transaction fee.