photo of member with her new vehicle

REAL FREEDOM from Buy Here/Pay Here Member Story

When Ashley’s Envoy broke down, she pulled it into the Natco lot. Because it was after hours, she called and left a message that the tow truck would be in the next morning around 9:00. Upon checking the messages, an email was sent to staff letting them know the vehicle would be picked up but what happened next what truly an example of great member service.

A staff member made a courtesy call to Ashley to talk with her about the vehicle and options we could provide. If the repairs were more than she was prepared for, could we help ease her financial burden by providing a loan to get it fixed? If the repairs were extensive, had she considered purchasing another vehicle?

By 9:30, we had reached Ashley and learned she and her husband had planned to go to a Buy Here/Pay Here lot because they felt that was their only option. This is often a misconception people have and where we were able to provide a better solution!

Ashely was pre-approved for an auto loan the same day. This gave her the freedom to shop for a vehicle she wanted and the power to negotiate the purchase price! Within two days, Ashley found a vehicle. Because she was pre-approved and had the ability to shop wherever she wanted, she got a better deal and was even able to purchase a warranty through Natco to help give her peace of mind.

What started as a stressful week with a broken-down vehicle, ended with this Natco member enjoying her new vehicle by the weekend. Talk about RIGHT TIME, RIGHT SUPPORT and REAL FREEDOM!

If you feel Buy Here/Pay Here is your ONLY option, we want to talk with you too! Apply for a pre-approved auto loan now or give us a call.

photo of member with her new vehicle