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It’s true, a better credit score will save you money on all of your loans. If you’ve ever wondered what your score was, or how to better your score, this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn. Here at Natco Credit Union we believe it’s about being there for our members, educating our members, and continuing to work on the premise that we’re people helping people. Fill in your information below and we’ll be in contact with your shortly to tell you what your score is and how to make it even better!

 3 beneficial credit habits 3 beneficial credit habits:
  • Keep your balance on revolving debt, such as credit cards, below 10% of the limit. If possible, pay the entire amount each month.
  • Always pay installment debts on time i.e., credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, etc.
  • Keep your oldest account open, such as a Visa Credit Card. Try not to open unnecessary new accounts.
3 hurtful credit habits 3 hurtful credit habits:
  • Having a habitual balance of over 50% on revolving debt, such as a credit card. Even more so, if you have more than one credit card and each balance is above or near the limit.
  • If you miss payments on installment loans, your credit score will go down each time.
  • If you close your oldest revolving account, the credit bureaus will now use the next oldest account as your longest account history for revolving debt. By closing your oldest account, you've changed a portion of the credit bureau's equation. They want to see a long lasting history of well-maintained revolving debt with little to no balance.


By clicking submit you're giving Natco Credit Union permission to pull your credit. Maximum one free credit report per person annually. Please contact with any questions.

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