Bill Pay

Save money on postage and start paying your bills through our online bill pay system. Bill pay allows you to securely pay your bills electronically using your home computer and your checking account.  It saves you the expense of checks, stamps, envelopes and all the time involved in manually paying bills.  Any bill can be set up for bill payment – even payments to individuals.

Bill pay is accessed through home banking using any browser except IE. Once set up, you can set up the bills you want to pay. Payments can be set up to be automatically paid each month or you can select the bills to be paid.  Payments take 3-5 days to reach the payee and will appear on the regular Natco checking account statement with a description of who was paid.

  • Mobile version available
  • Utilize automatic transfer
  • View payment history of items paid through bill pay
  • Set up account alerts
  • Free service
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