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At Natco, we’re helping you get more out of life

Natco Credit Union is not just another financial institution. Sure, we offer loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, credit card options and other financial services — just like banks. But we’re Natco. And we believe you deserve more. Much more. That’s why we’re committed to fully supporting you as a member of our credit union family.

As a credit union, Natco operates as a not-for-profit organization, with the interests of our members in mind  — first. We are owned by members like you. That makes us significantly different from banks, which are driven to operate at a profit to their stakeholders. That means you gain many more benefits than you would as a client of a bank.

We believe you deserve better.

At Natco our mission is ‘Helping people live better lives.‘ As a member of Natco Credit Union, you can feel fully confident that we’re working on your behalf. We pass along each dollar of income generated by Natco to our members. That means that you gain higher dividends on savings, lower interest rates on loans, support services, convenient money management tools and a lot more.

The benefits of being a Natco member don’t stop there. With financial advice, special auto buying programs and other services, you’re able to keep more of your cash where it belongs — in your pocket, in your account or wherever you prefer to put it. Our goal is to ensure that we’re putting you first.

We truly live our mission

Natco is committed to improving the lives of our members and our communities. You will often see Natco staff volunteering at local events and organizations. #NatcoCares

We build great programs to serve our members and communities.

Natco also is serving its members through a federal grant program that provides credit and financial services to underserved markets and populations. As part of our designation as a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution), we’re able to help credit-challenged and lower-income members obtain affordable used autos and alternatives to predatory lending.

Through this CDFI designation, we are able to provide free classes, workshops, and more through Natco Community Empowerment Center (NCEC). Learn more about NCEC now.

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We give you peace of mind and assurance your funds are safe and secure.

Bauer Financial is the nation’s leading independent financial institution rating firm. Ratings are awarded each quarter based on an analysis of current financial data. Bauer Financial recommends all institutions ranked with 4 or 5 stars.

Beginning with the second quarter of 2010, we have received the 5-star rating, the highest possible rating, each and every quarter. The 5-star denotes the absolute highest level of banking performance and is the firm’s highest rating.

We have received a 4 or 5 star rating since the second quarter of 1994. That’s over two decades!

What this means according to Bauer is that your credit union is safe, financially sound, and operating well above its regulatory capital requirements.

What this means for our members is peace of mind. Any member who deposits funds with Natco Credit Union can be assured their funds are safe and secure.

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We want to help you reach your goals!

At Natco, we are committed to providing you with great financial services at lower costs. Talk to us about how we can help you reach your goals, whether you want to reduce your debt, purchase a vehicle or a home, take a vacation, go to college or handle an emergency. Or if you’re interested in becoming a member, apply here.

We’re here to provide you with the help you need to reach the goals you deserve. Contact us now.

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