Text Banking

If you feel lost without your phone, this service is for you. Access your Natco Credit Union account from your mobile device with our text banking service! Check account balances, transfer funds, and receive alerts when your funds are running low.

Enroll in text banking through home banking. Once you’re set up, reference the text commands and legend below to request your account information. Send your text to (765) 259-3310. A return text will be sent to you with the specific account information you requested.

  • Access your account from your mobile phone
  • Safe and secure
  • Receive account alerts
  • Standard text messaging rates apply

How to Use Text Banking

Send a message to 765.259.3310 from your cell phone.

Message Examples:

To receive your deposit balances (if your PIN is 1234) send: BAL 1234
To receive your history for type 10 account (if your PIN is 1234) send: HIS 1234 10

To ReceiveSend This Text Message*
Account BalanceBAL [your pin]
Account HistoryHIS [your pin] [optional type]
Loan BalanceLBAL [your pin] [loan number]
Loan HistoryLHIS [your pin] [loan number]
Account Type ListACC [your pin]
Loan ListLOA [your pin]
Check ClearingCHK [your pin] [check number] [optional type]
PIN ChangePIN [your pin] [new pin]
Transfer of FundsTRN [your pion] [from type] [to type] [amount]
Payment on LoanPMT [your pin] [from type] [to loan number] [amount}
Set Default Account TypeSET [your pin] [account type]
HELP followed by any codeHELP [BAL] [HIS] [LBAL] [LHIS] [ACC] [LOA] [CHK] [PIN [TRN] [SET] or [PMT]
Account TypeThe account type you would like to use.
AmountThe dollar amount of the transfer or payment.
Check NumberThe check number you would like to search for.
From TypeYour account type used for the source of funds for your payment or transfer.
Loan NumberYour loan number you would like to query against.
New PINYour new access PIN you would like to use.
Optional TypeBy default your message will use the default account type. Include an account type here when you would like to use a different account type.
To Loan NumberYour loan number you would like to make a payment to
To TypeYour account type you would like to transfer funds to.
Your PIN Your current access PIN.
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