Reach Your Goals Faster
With the Right Savings Plan

Get a head start on all the important moments in your life. With Natco’s savings plans, you’ll find it convenient to put aside funds for college, the holidays and other significant events. And since your funds are earning interest, you’ll reach your savings goals even faster.

Share Savings

Earn dividends while you save. With Natco’s SHARE Savings account, members are paid quarterly on any dividends earned – all while enjoying the perks of membership, including  no monthly maintenance fees and mobile account conveniences.

Kasasa Savings

Kasasa Saver

Saving is easy with the Kasasa Saver Savings account. When you earn cash rewards from your Kasasa Cash checking account, including ATM fee refunds, they’re automatically deposited into your Kasasa Saver account. Start saving now!

Special Savings

With a Natco Special Savings account, you can set aside funds for all of your important goals. Retirement? College? A new vehicle? A house? Natco helps you keep your focus on your dreams. Take a step toward your goal by setting aside a specific savings account.

Piggy bank icon with dollar signs above it

Round Up the Change Savings

Extra change quickly adds up, especially with Natco’s Round Up the Change Savings. With this plan, Natco rounds up the amount you spend on debit card transactions and deposits the “change” into your savings account. In time, you can buy something special or pay a debt.

Morey the Moose Kids Club

The time to teach children about good money management is now. Natco helps you with those important lessons through our Morey the Moose Kids Club Savings program for children 12 and under. With a great dividend rate, incentives and no minimum balance, “class” can start today!

Vacation Club Icon

Vacation Club

Whether you’re planning a hiking adventure, a beach getaway or a historic excursion, you need cash to reach your destination. The Vacation Savings Club offers competitive rates to help you earn more on your savings.  Start saving today to make your dream a reality.

Christmas Club Icon

Christmas Club

The holidays are meant to be festive. Yet, they can be quite stressful if you don’t have enough cash. Start preparing for next season by saving today. Our Christmas Savings Club helps you set aside funds specifically for the holidays. Enjoy the season with less stress!