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Stay Safe, Leave Your Money in Place

We know that a lot of people are worried about a number of things right now. Natco Credit Union wants to assure you that one thing you shouldn’t worry about is the money you have saved. The credit union will always make sure you have full access to your account, but we also want you and your savings to be safe.

Here are a few reasons to leave your money in your account:

  • Your money is insured when it’s in the credit union. Natco Credit Union’s accounts are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000 per account holder.
  • No risk of losing the money. With your money in your account, you always know exactly where it is. When you take money out, there’s a chance that it will be lost or stolen.
  • Money is covered in germs and bacteria. According to NYU’s Dirty Money Project, up to 3,000 different kinds of bacteria can live on a $1 bill. Instead, use your debit or credit cards, which can be cleaned with sanitary wipes. Contact us to request a Natco debit card or apply for a Natco REAL FREEDOM Visa card.

During this trying time, we want to make sure you’re protected. Check out our Quick Reference Guide for transacting business. Please, keep yourself and the money you’ve worked so hard to earn safe.