MEMBER STORY – Kat B., member since 2016

From time to time, members tell us their personal story of how we have helped them. Below is a testimonial from Kat B. She has been a Natco member since 2016 and has really focused on putting herself in a better financial position. Congrats Kat for your success and being ready to purchase your first home!

I had a couple friends who raved about Natco’s service and loan options . Their experiences convinced me to become a Natco member.

Due to my lackluster credit score, no other financial institution was willing to help me consolidate my bad debt, but that didn’t stop Natco.

The loan officer worked with me diligently, for more than two hours, to wrap up all my debt nicely into one reasonable loan while simultaneously educating me on improving my credit score.

After 2 years, my credit score jumped about 200 points!

After 3 years, I was able to finance my car with Natco at a rate 15% less than my last auto loan.

Now, after 4 years, I am finally in the position to become a first time home buyer. I really did not believe I would be in this position until 2025.

Without the amazing folks at Natco, I highly doubt I would have made it to this milestone so quickly.

Kat B., member since 2016