Flag Dedication

At the request of one of our members, Victor ‘Vic’ Ater, we recently installed a flag pole at our main office. Just in time for Veterans Day, a flag dedication was held on November 9, 2020.

Mr. Ater was invited to participate in the flag dedication and given the honor of raising the flag. Cindy Duke (CEO) and Leonda Maiden (Branch Manager) presented him with the flag.

A few words from Mr. Ater.

“Being a Credit Union Member means a lot to me.  I take pride in being a member and working with all the staff.  The staff here is truly amazing and really care about me and all the other members.

Being a veteran is an honor. I was in the Army from 1960-1966.  I was in Germany for 1 year, 11 months, and 5 days.

I had asked if a flagpole could be placed in front of the Credit Union.  I wanted to do this to honor all my fellow veterans that are members of the Credit Union and those that drive down the road there as well.  Seeing the flag fly high in front of MY Credit Union is one of the best sights I have ever seen. I live down the road from the Credit Union and can see the flag from my house.

I was honored when Cindy asked me to participate in raising the flag for the first time and to be the keeper of the flag from now on.  This is a duty that I will treasure and will do proudly.

The ceremony of raising the flag for the first time was Monday November 9, 2020 just in time for Veterans Day.”

Victor ‘Vic’ Ater

We would like to thank Mr. Ater for his service and continued service in helping us honor America each day.


View our full video here.


photo of Vic Ater saluting the flag at Natco's main office