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Equifax Data Breach

What to do next?

 Risk Alerts

Risk alerts are provided to inform you of potential scams, bring awareness to potential fraud and help protect you from situations that could put you at risk.


Equifax Data Breach

Assume your data has been compromised even if Equifax shows it has not been.

The recent Equifax data breach has left more than 143,000 million consumers concerned that their personal information has been exposed. There are precautions we can all take to help protect ourselves and be alerted against potential fraud on our accounts.

We suggest everyone take a few simple steps to be proactive against fraud!

    • Place a 90-day fraud alert on your credit report instead of freezing your credit.
      This will make it easier for lenders to work with you in the event you are applying for credit. It will stop scammers from taking new credit in your name during this time. Visit www.alerts.equifax.com to set up a 90-day fraud alert.


    • Place a verbal password on your credit union and bank accounts.
      Give us a call to set your verbal password on your Natco accounts. We will then ask for it with each transaction.


    • If you have a Natco debit card, enroll in debit alerts*.
      Debit alerts allow you to receive a text message or email when certain debit card activity occurs on your account. Enroll in debit alerts now.


*Debit alerts is a free credit union service that works in conjunction with your debit card and checking account. Check with your mobile provider to see if standard text messaging and data rates apply.

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