The Vance Family didn’t realize it at first, but the best move they could make when they needed more space was to stay exactly where they were.

Would a few changes make your house perfect?

For a minute, the Vances thought they might move. It seemed like everyone just needed more space. Cory, a contractor, needed a larger home woodshop to grow his business, while mom Lisa dreamed of an expanded kitchen to continue her new obsession with baking. The way she keeps getting requests from friends and neighbors for her beautiful cakes, she might just have a business.

Teenage twins Derek and Darrell just wished the basement was finished so they could start having friends over again. Learning from home was complicating things, too.

But when they started looking for a new home, none of them really felt like “home.” None were impressive enough to make them want to leave their neighborhood, school, and growing client bases for mom and dad’s businesses…especially not at the prices in today’s real estate market.

Plus, every time they thought about packing up and listing their own house, the emotions were too heavy. The Vance family felt stuck between growing into their future and the home of their past.

The Turning Point

After another Saturday looking at listings and not loving a single one, their realtor asked Cory “You can’t make it work where you are, right?”

“Actually?” Cory thought out loud “We might be able to, now that you ask.”

The Solution?

Cory and Lisa used the equity in their home. They applied for a home equity line of credit in just a few minutes the following Monday. Approved and funded in just a few weeks, Cory was shopping for materials, not houses.

Cory was able to create the woodshop of his dreams from an existing old shed, while giving Lisa the kitchen of hers by reconfiguring the layout and installing a new island perfect for decorating cakes from all angles. In the basement, carpet and drywall, along with some furniture, gave Derek and Darrell a hangout spot. They even only complained a little bit about having to paint it themselves.

Now, the Vance family is closer than ever, in a home that gives them each space to pursue their careers, hobbies, and passions. Thanks to a HELOC loan from Natco Credit Union, they were able to see the house of their dreams was the home they owned to begin with…after a few improvements.

Rates as low as:

8.50% APR

Natco home equity lines of credit include a 10 year draw period plus a 15 year repayment period.

Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) can be used to accomplish many goals. Here’s a couple more examples…

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The Natco Credit Union HELOC examples are fictitious and not based on real people or stories. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons is entirely coincidental. If you’d like to share your story with us, we’d love to hear it! Just contact us here and tell us how you’re putting your HELOC to work.

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