Best. Day. Ever!

Best. Day. Ever! – November 3rd

What is purple, a cape, and is all about making our world, and specifically our community, a better place? YOUR credit union and its employees!

Natco has partnered with Kasasa, Charlie Rocket, and other participating institutions to make Friday, November 3rd the BEST DAY EVER!

Our goal is to collectively achieve 100,000 RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS in a short amount of time.

You might spot Natco staff out in our local communities on Friday, November 3rd talking with people to share some ‘warm and fuzzies’ through hundreds of random acts of kindness.

We can’t wait to talk to people, hear their story, learn how a simple gesture brightens their day, take pictures with you, and see how people help us reach the collective goal by ‘paying it forward’ by sharing another act of kindness with someone else. Sharing that experience with us is key.

There are multiple ways to help our mission to bring the Best Day Ever to our community:

  • Join our event and complete acts of kindness with us!
  • Complete your own act(s) of kindness from wherever you choose – home, online, even during the bustle of your busy day. Kindness doesn’t need to take a lot of effort!
  • Help us spread kindness by getting the word out! Raise awareness of our mission to promote positivity on Facebook.
  • However you wish to participate, make sure you post it to Facebook using #NatcoCares and #KasasaLove and tagging @natcocreditunion and @askforkasasa. It will count toward the 100,000 acts of kindness goal across the nation.
  • You can also email us details of your experience and photos to This will allow us to count your act of kindness toward the collective goal and share your experience and photos to our Facebook page.

To help us track the total nationwide acts of kindness, visit and click the button for each act of kindness you share with someone!


hands holding $100 bill up

Important Tips to Help You Identify Counterfeit Money

Identifying counterfeit money can be challenging and counterfeiters are continually improving their techniques. We want to help you protect yourself from accepting counterfeit money and experiencing a loss. There are several security features on genuine banknotes that you can use to help spot counterfeit money.

Here are some tips on how to identify counterfeit currency:

  1. Feel the paper: Genuine currency is typically printed on special paper that has a distinct texture and feel. It should feel slightly rough to the touch, not smooth or glossy like regular printer paper.
  2. Check for watermark: Hold the banknote up to the light to see if it has a watermark. A watermark is a faint image or pattern that becomes visible when you hold the bill up to the light. The watermark should match the portrait on the bill.
  3. Look for security threads: Most genuine banknotes have a thin, embedded security thread that runs vertically through the bill. Hold the bill up to the light, and you should see the thread with text or a denomination repeated on it.
  4. Examine the color-shifting ink: Some denominations have ink that changes color when tilted. For example, on the new U.S. $100 bill, the “100” changes from copper to green when tilted.
  5. Inspect the microprinting: Genuine banknotes often have tiny, intricate text that is difficult for counterfeiters to replicate. Use a magnifying glass, if necessary, to check for microprinting.
  6. Feel for raised print: On most modern banknotes, certain elements, like the denomination or the Treasury seal, have raised ink that you can feel with your fingers.
  7. Check for ultraviolet (UV) features: Under a UV light source, genuine banknotes may display fluorescent patterns or markings. Counterfeit notes may not react the same way under UV light.
  8. Verify the security thread’s location: Ensure that the security thread is in the correct location for the denomination of the banknote. Different denominations may have different positions for the thread.
  9. Examine the holograms or color-shifting images: Some newer U.S. notes, have holograms or color-shifting images that change when you tilt the bill.
  10. Be cautious of irregularities: Look for any irregularities, such as blurred or uneven printing, missing security features, or unusual colors. Counterfeiters often make mistakes that can be detected upon close inspection.
  11. Compare with a genuine note: If you suspect a bill may be counterfeit, compare it with a known genuine note of the same denomination and series. Look for differences in design, size, and security features.
  12. Trust your instincts: If something about a banknote doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and exercise caution.

If you believe you have received counterfeit money or are unsure about a banknote’s authenticity, contact your local law enforcement for assistance. Handling counterfeit money is illegal, and it’s crucial to report it to the authorities.


Credit unions across the country will be making a splash with this year’s “I Love My Credit Union” social media blitz. The mission is to bring the credit union movement together on a single day with the purpose of inspiring authentic and high-energy conversations about why we love our credit unions.

If you love Natco, you can join in the fun! Here’s how you can participate.

  • View the images below (click to enlarge). Pick some that you like and save them to your camera roll or computer.
  • Post them on YOUR social media accounts.
  • Tag us (Natco Credit Union)
  • Include these two hashtags
  • You can also SHARE posts that we make on our social media accounts today too

We can’t wait to see all of the posts we are tagged in and the comments and stories our members share!


Real Financial Freedom

New Commercial – Natco Cares

At Natco, we are all about helping people make smart decisions with their money!

Check out our new commercial to see how we can help you receive REAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM!



Be Aware! Use caution before giving personal information

Use Caution Before Giving Personal Information

Recently, some members have received fraudulent texts and phone calls. Fraudsters are able to spoof phone numbers to make it appear that calls and texts are coming from us.

One member told us that he noticed the call was coming from 962-2561 but the area code was wrong. The call was ‘disconnected’ and within seconds, they called from a number that appeared to be coming from our number – 765.962-2561. The person on the other end said the call had dropped unexpectedly. The member noted how interesting it was they were using the ‘right number’ now. Because they were aware of potential scams and used caution, this scammer did not get any personal information.

Another member recently received a text appearing that it was sent by us. The text said their card was locked and included a number for them to call (not our card services number). Again, this member was aware enough to know this was a scam and did not provide any additional information.

We encourage members to always use caution with texts, emails, and calls. Fraudsters are creative and can make communications seem like they are coming from us. Do not give out personal information without ensuring you are talking to a Natco employee or representative. If you contact us, we have procedures in place to verify your identity before we discuss your account(s). This is to protect you and your financial information.


Important information icon

Your Money is Safe at Natco

On Friday, March 10, 2023, Federal Regulators shut down Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) due to its lack of liquidity. SVB had a structure very different than traditional financial institutions, as it was a key player in the tech and venture capital community. Closely connected with SVB, regulators also closed Signature Bank, on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Signature Bank provided banking services to real estate companies, law firms, and cryptocurrency companies. All depositors of both institutions will have access to and receive their full deposits and losses will not be borne by taxpayers, according to regulators.

Natco Credit Union (Natco) members should know that Natco is a safe place to save money. Your credit union has sound financial policies and receives high rankings annually from regulators for safety and soundness practices and management of risk. Deposits at Natco are federally insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). Funds on deposit are protected by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund and insured for up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor. That means backing by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. Natco is well-capitalized and in a solid financial position to meet the saving and borrowing needs of our members. Credit union members have never lost a penny of insured savings at a federally insured credit union. Visit [] for more information about the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund coverage for consumers.

Members should also be aware that scams have already been reported, trying to alarm consumers. In this sophisticated scam, the scammers are communicating that a bank or credit union is under Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) review and the person needs to take out their cash from their bank/credit union or risk losing it.  Please always be aware of suspicious calls or emails.

couple with laptop reviewing notebook

Natco Receives a Financial Coaching Grant Valued at $120,000

We are excited to share that we were chosen by the National Credit Union Foundation as one of 10 credit unions to receive the financial coaching grant, a total value of $120,000. This grant gives Natco access to the Pathways to Financial Empowerment program.

Over the next few months, two employees (one from Natco Credit Union and one from Natco Community Empowerment Center) will complete training and tailor the software to fit our program needs.

We will use the Pathways software to provide one-on-one financial coaching sessions and follow up with our members, employees, and the communities we serve in an effort to support their financial well-being.

Watch our website and Facebook for more information on the program and how you can schedule an appointment later this Spring.

picture of laptop and gavel

2022 Annual Meeting

2023 Best of the Best - Best Overall Member Experience

Natco Recognized Among the Best of the Best

Natco Credit Union wins coveted award as CU Solutions Group announces final results

MemberXP, a leading CX program offered through CU Solutions Group, has named Natco Credit Union as one of their 2023 Best of the Best award winners!

Annually, the Best of the Best award is given to credit unions that consistently provide extraordinary service, as reported by their own members. Only the highest-performing credit unions using the MemberXP program receive this incredible honor. More than 300,000 member surveys were completed in 2022, providing data on key performance indicators and specific feedback regarding financial experiences, such as opening an account or applying for a loan.  With an 11% YOY increase in the number of credit unions using MemberXP, the winners represent the best-in-class of customer service for the industry.

Across two universal CX metrics, Net Promoter Score (NPS)® and Member Effort Score (MES), rankings are determined and verified. The top 25% of performers in each financial experience receive the awards.

Natco Credit Union received the award for Transaction Experience, Consumer Loan Experience, and New Member Experience.

Natco Credit Union was also awarded the Best Overall Member Experience. Feedback from transaction, consumer loan, and new member experience is analyzed to determine the recipient. This award is considered the grand achievement and is given to only one credit union.

“We are pleased that our members took time to give us feedback on our service – we respect their opinions and dedicate ongoing resources to improving our members’ experience. I am very proud of our team for being among the Best of the Best in all three categories. I am especially honored and proud to receive the highest recognition of the Best Overall Member Experience after participating in the program for only seven months. Our goal is to provide member delight. The survey feedback indicates we are consistently exceeding that goal,” said Cindy Duke, CEO.

“Creating member loyalty in a sea of ever-increasing competition from other financial institutions and Fintechs is no easy feat. Members who actively engage with a credit union and provide valuable insight can and should drive change and improvement for the organization. The winners of this award not only listened the needs and wants of their members, but they also acted on those responses for remarkable results. Congratulations to this year’s member experience leaders.”

2023 Best of the Best - Best Overall Member Experience          2023 Best of the Best - Best Consumer Loan Experience          2023 Best of the Best - Best Transaction Experience          2023 Best of the Best - Best Transaction Experience

image of rearview mirror with money floating

Don’t Leave It in the Rearview

Don't Leave It in the Rearview! Move Your Auto Loan to Natco and Get Up To $500

Refinance your auto to us and get up to $500….that’s right, up to $500 in your pockets simply by refinancing to us!

Now, there’s even more reason to move your auto loan from your current provider to Natco Credit Union. It’s like paying yourself!

For a limited time, when you refinance an auto loan to Natco, you will

  • earn up to $500 cash back*

  • be able to defer your first payment for up to 3 months

At Natco, we believe in helping people live better lives – flexible loan options can make things better for you!

Benefits of borrowing with Natco include:

  • Your choice of payment frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly)
  • Convenient payment options (cash, direct deposit, payroll deduction, transfer from your account, online payments)
  • Virtual application and loan closing option
  • Exceptional member service – We are easily accessible and here for you!
  • Save on payment or total cost of interest, maybe both!
  • We have your best interest in mind!

We’ll make the refinance process as quick and easy as possible!  A few minutes of your time could save you BIG! Apply today!

*Rebate amount is based on the refinanced loan amount. Loans under $10,000 will receive $150 cash back; loans $10,000 to $30,000 will receive $300; loans over $30,000 will receive $500 cash back. Membership with Natco Credit Union is required. Open a membership with as little as $5 to take advantage of this offer. Rebate will be deposited into your Natco checking or savings account within one business day after the closing of your auto loan. Rebate amount is only for loan payoff. Receiving cash out on a refinanced auto loan is not eligible for this offer. All loans are subject to credit review and underwriting criteria. This offer is for a limited time and can be withdrawn anytime without prior notice.