Personal Account Link (PAL)

PAL helps you keep in touch with your money.

Natco Credit Union’s Personal Account Link (PAL) is a convenient way to make many of your financial transactions using your phone. PAL turns your phone into your personal automated teller.

Here are some of the things PAL can do for you:

• Receive up-to-date balances on savings, checking, Christmas club, vacation club, IRAs, share certificates and even loans
• Transfer between savings and checking
• Transfer loan payments from savings and checking
• Receive payoff amounts on current loans
• Request a check withdrawal from your savings or checking (a check will be mailed to the address on your account)
• Transfer money from your account to another member’s account in which you are designated as a joint owner

Using PAL

Using PAL is easy! You simply need your member account number and a personal identification number (PIN).

Let’s say you want to transfer $50 from your savings account to your checking account.

Here’s how it works.

You Call:(765) 962-0954 or (800) 669-5584 if you are calling long distance.
PAL:Thank you for calling PAL. Please enter your credit union account number followed by the pound key (#).
You Enter:Your member number and #.
PAL:Please enter access code for member #(xxxx).
You Enter:Your PIN.
PAL:Please enter your two digit action code, 99 for help or 98 to terminate the call.
You Enter:10 (this is the code for a share to share transfer).
PAL:Please enter the share account you wish to transfer from followed by the pound key.CHK [your pin] [check number] [optional type]
You Enter:01 (savings account) and #.
PAL:Please enter the share account you wish to transfer to followed by the pound key.
You Enter:03 (checking account) and #.
PAL:Please enter the amount you wish to transfer in dollars and cents. Follow your entry with the pound key.
You Enter:5000# (this is $50.00).
PAL:To process, press 11. To cancel, press 99.
You Enter:11 and your transaction is processed immediately.
Special Savings02, 05, 08
Checking or Kasasa Cash03
Vacation Club04
Secondary Savings07
Christmas Clug09
IRA Savings10
Money Market Savings13
Morey the Moose Savings21
32Loan Balance
Kasasa Saver23
Share Certificate30 – 74
LoansYour Loan Suffix
PAL REFERENCE CARDLocal – (765) 962-0954
Long Distance – (800) 669-5584
01Share to Share Transfer
11Savings or Checking to Loan Transfer
12Loan Advance Check to Share Account (Minimum $300)
13Loan Advance Check Mailed (Minimum $300)
14Share to Share Transfer, Other Member
15Share to Loan Transfer, Other Member
17Check Withdrawal
30Checking Balance
31Savings Balance
32Loan Balance
33Share Certificate Balance
40Last 10 Checks Cleared
41Last Checking Deposit
42Checks Cleared by Check Number
50Last 10 Checking Deposits
51Last 10 Savings Deposits
52Last 10 Savings Withdrawals
53Last 10 ATM Transactions
54Last ACH Deposit
55Last ACH Withdrawal
56Last Payroll Deposit
60YTD Dividends
61YTD Interest Paid
64Last Dividend Applied
70Lobby & Loan Hours
74Regular Share (Savings) Rates
81Loan Payoff Status
82Calculate Loan Amortization
– Enter 1 for payment amount of loan
– Enter 2 for amount you can borrow based on
payment amount
96Change PIN
97Inquiry of Other Account
98Terminate Call
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