Flag Dedication

At the request of one of our members, Victor ‘Vic’ Ater, we recently installed a flag pole at our main office. Just in time for Veterans Day, a flag dedication was held on November 9, 2020.

Mr. Ater was invited to participate in the flag dedication and given the honor of raising the flag. Cindy Duke (CEO) and Leonda Maiden (Branch Manager) presented him with the flag.

A few words from Mr. Ater.

“Being a Credit Union Member means a lot to me.  I take pride in being a member and working with all the staff.  The staff here is truly amazing and really care about me and all the other members.

Being a veteran is an honor. I was in the Army from 1960-1966.  I was in Germany for 1 year, 11 months, and 5 days.

I had asked if a flagpole could be placed in front of the Credit Union.  I wanted to do this to honor all my fellow veterans that are members of the Credit Union and those that drive down the road there as well.  Seeing the flag fly high in front of MY Credit Union is one of the best sights I have ever seen. I live down the road from the Credit Union and can see the flag from my house.

I was honored when Cindy asked me to participate in raising the flag for the first time and to be the keeper of the flag from now on.  This is a duty that I will treasure and will do proudly.

The ceremony of raising the flag for the first time was Monday November 9, 2020 just in time for Veterans Day.”

Victor ‘Vic’ Ater

We would like to thank Mr. Ater for his service and continued service in helping us honor America each day.


View our full video here.


photo of Vic Ater saluting the flag at Natco's main office

Holiday Loans are Back!

As the holiday season kicks off, we understand that our members might need a little extra dough.

Our holiday loans are available through 12/31. Apply online or directly with a loan expert by calling 962-2561.


Helping people live better lives.


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Image of Natco's bra entry for BRAvo!

Please Vote for Our Entry in the BRAvo! Event

Natco is participating in the Reid Health Foundation BRAvo! event again this year. Historically, 4,350 women in Indiana are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Prevention and early detection is key. BRAvo! raises funds to provide free mammograms for uninsured women and financial assistance for women in need. Annually, BRAvo! provides 500 free mammograms to women in our area.

If you cannot afford a mammogram, BRAvo! can help. Give them a call at 983-3102.

You can also help Natco by voting for our entry in this year’s competition. Voting ends October 23rd.

We ask that you ask your friends, family, and coworkers to vote too. You can vote once per device per browser. The top 5 entries will be featured in a BRAvo! section of the Palladium Item and on a local billboard.


photo of Stephanie Harrison with CU philosophy award

Natco Credit Union Employee Sews and Donates Over 400 Masks

Prior to the pandemic, Stephanie Harrison kept busy by working a full-time position as a senior loan underwriter at Natco Credit Union and spent many hours running her own business, Stephanie Harrison Photography. Stephanie’s job duties as a senior loan underwriter could be completed remotely and therefore, she was among the Natco team members who began to work remotely in March. As a business owner, she also temporarily closed her photography business. For eight weeks, she didn’t leave her home.

The credit union purchased supplies to sew masks for staff. As someone who was used to being busy all the time, Stephanie volunteered to sew. She continued making masks for her family using fabric she had previously purchased for other projects.

She created a one-man assembly process and began to sew for two hours each morning before work and spent most evening sewing. Through her passion to help others, she offered masks to anyone for free. Some masks were donated to local businesses including the Wayne County Health Department and Fairview Elementary school where all three of her boys attended several years ago.

As she completed masks, she would post on Facebook and allow people to claim the masks they wanted. Masks were placed inside baggies and taped to her front door for pick up. Some people would place money back in the baggie and retape it to her front door. This allowed her to purchase more supplies. Others donated supplies such as fabric and elastic. Stephanie continued to purchase supplies on her own as well.

To date, Stephanie has sewn and donated over 400 masks for adults and children in the local area. Once restrictions on business began to lift in early July, she reopened her photography business. Her available time to sew has been reduced significantly. When time allows, she still makes masks and offers them for free.

Stephanie is a shining example of Natco’s mission statement – Helping people live better lives and the credit union industry’s philosophy – People helping people. She was presented with a Credit Union Philosophy award during Q2 2020 to recognize her project of sewing masks.


photo of Natco employee using sewing machine

image of door with masks taped to it


photo of Stephanie Harrison with CU philosophy award

image of sign that says plan ahead

Unemployment Benefits are Taxable – Have the Right Tax Withheld for 2020

If you have recently received unemployment benefits, it’s important to understand that these benefits are taxable. Unemployment benefits must be reported on your federal tax return. A record number of Americans are applying for unemployment compensation due to the COVID-19 Outbreak. If you received unemployment benefits, as well as the additional $600 per week in coronavirus relief any time during the year, your tax return may be affected.

This additional income could drastically change your tax situation. Don’t get caught off guard when you prepare your 2020 taxes. If you did not have taxes withheld from your unemployment benefits, there are steps you can take now.

Review this important information provided by the IRS or contact your local unemployment office.


image with street signs that refer to www.irs.gov/pub4128

image of US Treasury check and cash

Natco Community Empowerment Center Saves Community Members $331,452 in Filing Fees

For the fifth year, Natco Community Empowerment Center (NCEC) has provided free basic tax preparation services to community members in the Richmond and Connersville areas. NCEC has been a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site since 2016.

This year, NCEC prepared and submitted a record 1,023 returns for Natco Credit Union members and individuals and families. In total, this year’s Federal refunds were $1.2 million and State refunds were $160,000. The average fee to prepare a tax return is $324*. By providing our services for free, individuals and families saved $331,452 in fees. The community also benefits when these fee savings are spent locally.

Natco Community Empowerment Center provides various no-cost programs and services  to members of our community. These include providing a connection to local immediate need resources/assistance programs, job seeking assistance, money management counseling, financial counseling, trainings/classes/workshops and much more. All services are individualized and based around the needs and plans of the individual. NCEC is owned and operated by Natco Credit Union. Programs and services are provided in part through funding from the United Way and other grants.

Call Dana or Taria at 983.4766 to learn more.

* Amounts are based on basic fees charged by paid preparers as stated in 2018 Annual Survey of Tax Return Preparation Fee by the National Society of Accountants (Sch. C).

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$18,737 in Interest on Member Loans Was Recently Forgiven

Through our Deferred Payment Relief for Service Industry Workers initiative, we were able to forgive $18,737 on 50 loans held by members who were hardest hit by the pandemic due to loss of income.

We received a $10,000 grant from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to assist members who suffered a financial impact from a loss of employment due to COVID-19. We forgave an additional $8,737 in an effort to help more members.

Our mission statement is ‘Helping people live better lives.’ This initiative has helped numerous members in a challenging time and is an example of how Natco lives up to our mission.

Below is an example of a member who was helped by the Deferred Payment Relief for Service Industry Workers initiative.

This member was laid off in March when their employer closed due to COVID. A 90-day payment deferral on credit union loans was immediately granted. Not long after losing their income, they contracted COVID-19 and came very close to losing their battle with the virus. They were placed on a ventilator, then suffered a stroke, and lapsed into a coma. 

After a lengthy stay in the hospital, they recovered enough to be released but were unable to care for themself. They temporarily moved in with a relative, where they received visiting nursing services and were required to wear a heart monitor. Almost four months later, they still had lingering symptoms that may never go away. They were eventually able to return to work with the added burden of a mountain of medical bills. 

During their time off, interest accumulated on two credit union loans in the amount of $1,691.56. Through this initiative, Natco was able to forgive the entire amount of accumulated interest The member was moved to tears and said that no one had ever done something that nice for him in their entire life. 

Mask Up Hoosiers

Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order Begins Monday, July 27, 2020



The official Executive Order from Governor Holcomb has just been released. Therefore, we are providing some additional information.

Beginning Monday, July 27 all Hoosiers must wear masks at certain times in certain situations. Those situations are as follows:

• Masks must be worn by anyone over the age of eight when in indoor spaces, using public transportation or outside when not socially or physically distanced from
someone who isn’t in your household.

• Exceptions will be made for medical purposes, strenuous physical activity, eating and drinking. Masks will be strongly recommended for those ages 2-7.

• Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth.

The Executive Order becomes effective at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, July 27, 2020, and continues 30 days until 11:59 on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, unless rescinded, modified or extended by the Governor.

We may ask you to briefly pull down your mask so that we may verify your identity. Otherwise, a mask is required during the duration of your visit inside our branches.

If you are unable to wear a mask during your visit to our office, our drive ups are full service.

We all share in this health challenge and Natco will continue to focus on doing what’s best for our members, our employees, and our communities.

Mask Up Hoosiers


Natco Cares logo

Natco Cares Member Story – Kat B.

image of hand with coins

Did You Know There’s a Coin Shortage? #GetCoinMoving

First it was toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Then it was PPE (personal protective equipment). The latest COVID-19 shortage involves pocket change.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a nationwide coin shortage, according to the Federal Reserve.

Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday the shutdowns caused by the pandemic have raised concerns about circulation of coins, which the Fed’s 12 regional banks are in charge of supplying to financial institutions.

The pandemic “significantly disrupted the supply chain and normal circulation patterns for the US coin. With the partial closure of the economy, the flow of funds through the economy has stopped,” Powell said during a virtual hearing with the House Financial Services Committee. “We are working with the Mint and the Reserve Banks and as the economy re-opens we are starting to see money move around again.”

While there is  adequate coin in the economy, the slowed pace of circulation has meant that sufficient quantities of coin are not readily available where needed. With establishments like financial institutions, retail shops, restaurants, laundromats, transit authorities and other typical places where coin enters our society slowed or even stopped, the normal circulation of coin was disrupted.

Natco members, we are asking for your help!

  • Break out your piggy banks and jars of coin. Bring them into one of our offices. Use our coin counter to either exchange for bills or deposit into your Natco account. This is a free service to Natco members.
  • When cashing a check, deposit the coin and receive only the bills back.
  • Use exact change at retailers or even pay your bill with all coin.