Overdraft Courtesy Pay, Protection & Privilege

There are times that something unexpected comes up.  You may need extra money for unforeseen events such as sudden medical expenses or auto repairs.  In situations like these, even if funds are not available in your checking account, the credit union may still authorize your transactions.

Overdraft Protection
We will first look to balances in your savings account and then any other sub account under your member number that you have requested.  If funds can be transferred to fully cover the transaction, we will do so for a $3 fee.

Overdraft Courtesy Pay
We realize there might also be times when the unexpected can cause you to temporarily overdraw your account.  This is when overdraft courtesy pay can help.  Checks and electronic payments may be covered and paid from your checking account by accessing funds through overdraft courtesy pay, up to an overdraft balance of $775.

There is a $25 fee incurred each time a transaction is covered by overdraft courtesy pay.  We will always first look to see if items can be paid utilizing overdraft protection.

Overdraft Privilege
An overdraft can also occur when you use your debit card.  With overdraft privilege, we may allow debit card authorizations to be approved even if there isn't enough money in your account at the time of the purchase. 

Members must opt-in to overdraft privilege to have everyday debit card transactions be covered by the overdraft options listed above.

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