Improve Your Financial IQ with Money Moments

Life is made of a series of ‘Money Moments.’ The way we spend money now has a direct effect on our financial future.

Have you ever weighed your decision of buying something right now or waiting? Often times, we spend money without giving it a second thought. But what if instead of going out to dinner a few times a month or mostly making purchases for necessities instead of the things we want, you were able to save that money or put it to use for another personal goal?

At Natco, we understand that things like budgeting, saving to buy a house or pay for college, and managing your finances can be overwhelming. Having some basic financial knowledge (like understanding your credit score for example) can help make the experience easier and your outcome better. This is where Money Moments can help. These short, interactive learning modules will help you build the foundation you need for long-term financial success.

Each learning series contains several modules to help you learn more. Pick the modules you want to complete or create your own custom playlist!

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